The 2024 Boao Food for Health Science Conference and Expo (referred to as “2024FHE Conference”) is scheduled to be held from February 25 - 29, 2024 at the Boao AsiaForum International Conference Center in Hainan. lt will last for five days.

In order to promote global science and technology of food for health, as well as thedevelopment of the food for health industry, Shanghai JS Life Sciences InstituteSpecial Food Research Center, China Agricultural University and Hainan YuanchuangActive Health Industry Development Research lnstitute have together initiated the firstBoao Food for Health Science Conference and Expo (FHE) from February 22 - 25, 2023at the Boao Asia Forum International Conference Center.

FHE has also received the support of the Department of Food Safety Standards.Monitoring and Evaluation, National Health Commission, State Administration forMarket Regulation, Hainan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, HainanProvincial Health Commission, Hainan Administration for Market Regulation andHainan Boao Lecheng Administration of lnternational Medical Tourism Pilot Zone! FHEas the world’s first high level dialogue to focus on the scientific evidence of the healthbenefits of food, is aiming at disseminating scientific evidence, promotinginternational exchange and cooperation, and providing services for the host city. TheFHE will serve as an integrated platform for scientific communication, achievementdisplay and industry connection to discuss the evidence of the health benefits of altypes of foods, as demonstrated from basic scientific research to product developmentand marketing, and to post-marketing research.