Boao Health Food Science Conference & Expo (FHE)

Scientific and Technological lnnovation Promotes HighQuality Development of Health Food Industry
25-29 February 2024


Shanghai JS Life Sciences Institute
Special Food Research Center of China Agricultural University
Hainan Yuanchuang Active Health Industry Development Research Institute


Beijing Jun Cast Technology Development Co.

Supporting Institutions

Department of Food Safety Standards and Monitoring and Assessment, NationalHealth Commission of PRC

Department of Special Food Safety Supervision and Management, StateAdministration for Market Regulation of PRC

Development and Reform Commission of Hainan Province,

Health Commission of Hainan Province,

The Market Regulation Administration of Hainan Province,

Administration of Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone.


The 2024 Boao Food for Health Science Conference and Expo (FHE2024) is planned to be held at the lnternationaConference Center of the Boao Forum for Asia in Hainan from February 25 to 29, 2024 for a period of five days.FHE. as the world's first high level dialogue platform focusing on the scientific evidence of the health benefits of food, isaiming at disseminating scientific evidence, promoting international exchange and cooperation, and finally facilitatingthe development of health food industry based on scientific evidenceFHE is ointly organized by the Shanghai JS LifeSciences Institute, the Special Food Research Center of China Agricultura! University, and the Hainan YuanchuangActive Health industry Development Research lnstitute. t also has the support of the Administration of Boao LecheneInternationa! Medical Tourism Pilot Zone, Hainan Province. the Food Safety Standards and Monitoring and EvaluatiorDepartment of the National Health Commission of PRC, the Special Food Safety Supervision and ManagementDepartment of the State Administration for Market Regulation, the Development and Reform Commission of HainanProvince, and the Hainan Provincial Health Commission.

In FHE 2023, more than 2,000 delegates attended the great event, inauguralincluding 6 academicians of the ChinestAcademy of Sciences or the Chinese Academy of Engineering, more than100 VIPs including wel-known scientistsentrepreneurs at home and abroad, and heads of relevant government departments. More than 20 thematic forumswere held in FHE 2023 The exhibition covered an area of 5.000m2. More than 100 enterprises or institutionsparticipated in the exhibition, with more than 10 of the world's top 500 enterprises among them. The products beingdisplayed included regular foods, infant formulas, health (functiona) foods, food for special medical purposes (FSMP)foods for sports nutrition, dietary supplements, food and medicine that stems from same source, etc.The FHE 2023focused on the information exchange of scientific evidence of food for health, and had set up a integrated platform foscientific exchanges, achievement display, and interaction & matching between various units in the industry At thesame time, in order to accelarate the development of the science & technology and the industry of Health food, FH2023 announced the Boao Declaration on Health Food with the theme of "Health Food Promotes Active Health".

In the beginning of 2024, FHE 2024 will be coming, on higher scientific level, with larger scale and new appearance. Thetheme of FHE 2024 is " To promote high-auality development of health food industry with scientific and technologicainnovation ". FHE 2024 will be comprised of a number of sections, including food regulations and standards, food anoChinese medicine homology, innovative technologies and products, foods with DRR (disease risk reduction) claimsfoods for special medical purposes, sports foods, probiotics+ prebiotics+ postbiotics. Meanwhile, there will be severainnovation forums, including nutrition and food for health, amino acids and health, new development of healt(function) food, low-Gl rice, and live stream marketing of health food, etc. Compared with FHE 2023, the new sectionsand innovation forums of FHE 2024 will show the rapid development of food for health in more dimensions.


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Boao Health Food Science Conference & Expo will also organize more than 20 innovative technology enterprises to conduct project roadshows to promote cooperation among investors and financers.

Time Schedule at a Glance (24-29 February, 2024)


Chinese and English simultaneous interpretation will be provided

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